Medical Mass Spectrometry


Aalborg University

The EV research at LMM includes funded research projects to understand the role of EV 's in endothelial cell stress with focus on multiple sclerosis and blood-brain-barrier disruption. Furthermore, we investigate the impact of EV´s in relation to multiple autoimmune diseases including Inflammatory bowel disease and rheumatic atritis as well as investigations to assess the role of specific EV specific proteins like HLA-DR and post-translational modifications. LMM collaborates on EV analysis in contexts of cancer , inflammation, diagnostics/prognostics and general characterization of EV/exosome profiles (Milk , plasma , urine , CSF ) by the use of high-end quantitative mass spectrometry.

Current research within EV´s are funded by grants from the Lundbeck Foundation and the Danish Sclerosis Association.

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