Research staff

Research staff


Aalborg University Hospital

Metabolic Diseases

Aase Handberg (MD, DMSc)


Research focus has been the involvement of the fatty acid transporter CD36 in ectopic fat accumulation in obesity and DM2, sCD36 as a marker for this process and the relationship between ectopic fat in various organs, insulin resistance and sCD36. Recently, we have worked on establishing a method for measurement of circulating microvesicles, and investigated their potential role in atherosclerosis and insulin resistance.

Morten Hjuler Nielsen (Ph.D.)


Flowcytometric measurements of microvesicles.

Jaco Botha (MSc.)

Ph.D. Student

Liver-derived Microvesicles – Rare Events in Liquid Biopsies as Novel Biomarkers for Non-alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease

My research focus is to study levels and the plasma-membrane sub-proteome of circulating liver-derived microvesicles (MVs) as possible biomarkers for the development and progression of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD). I am further interested in characterising liver-derived MV expression of plasma membrane proteins that are involved in the metabolic syndrome and type 2 diabetes mellitus, including the fatty acid transporter CD36.

Lone Larsen

Research Technician (Aarhus University Hospital)

Mathilde Sanden (MSc.)

Research Assistant

New Biomarkers for Atherosclerotic Plaques

The aim of my research is to measure microvesicles (MV) released from monocytes, platelets, and endothelial cells from patients with atherosclerotic plaques. The presence of the scavenger receptor CD36, that plays a key role in accumulation of cholesterol in the vessel wall, will be investigated on MVs and the focus of the project will be to develop methods to find new biomarkers for atherosclerosis.

Rikke Wehner Rasmussen

Research Technician

Frederik Prip

Medical Student

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